Villagepreneur Program

Earn From the Comfort of your own space from the knowledge you have as a mother.

Quick Info on the VillagePreneur Program

In addition to tips from our health experts, comprehensive information and reviews from parents just like  you, villagepreneurs are entrepreneurial mums who are knowledgeable about the products in the  MumsVillageShop. They help our shoppers compare and select the products that are right for them.  

The MumsVillageShop is looking to increase our team of digitally savvy entrepreneurial mums to grow the  Villagepreneur programme. So, if you’re a Mum, or an Auntie who: 

  • Enjoys helping other Mums to compare and select the right products for all their Mum and Baby  needs),  
  • Is or has recently been actively involved in managing online and digital sales, either your own or for  someone else’s digital pages 
  • Understands what it takes to achieve results in online sales 
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Receive training on specific products and product categories.

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Shop from our Villagepreneurs

I am a salesperson by profession and I work closely with customers to determine their needs, answer their questions about our products and recommend the right solutions. The Villagepreneur programme is a great way to work with mothers and children to help them find what they need. When I’m not selling mum and baby products, you can find me selling advertising space.

I am passionate about children safety and comfort. I am excited to be part of the Villagepreneur program because it will allow me to sell quality products while advising mums on the best products to ensure the safety of their children. You can find me decorating interior spaces during my free time.

I’m a passionate health worker driven by the ability to inspire people to live healthy lives. I understand the hustle of going out and not finding what you want as a mum.The more reason,I joined Villagepreneur program to help mums like me to find what they need trouble-free. I also empower people by providing support information and recommending new opportunities in matters personal health.

My name is Violette Wambua.
I am a leader and start-up mentor. I love acquiring and sharing knowledge. I am a professional mixed bag and a networking champ.
I am in Sales, Marketing & Communications.
I enjoy fitness activities but my waistline is yet to obey 
I joined the program so that I have a platform to share Mom, Baby & house products at good prices.

Working from home is something that I have wanted to do since I became a mum. I spend most of my time selling Vitenges from Congo. I was excited to join the Villagepreneur program because it gave me an opportunity to also sell quality mum and baby products at the comfort of my home while making a difference in another mum’s life.

As a mother, I understand the challenges parents go through when looking for quality products for their families. I am interested in the Villagepreneur program because I can be part of the solution that provides easy access to mum and baby products. You can find me selling car shades and tents during my free time.

I am passionate about helping people and this was the main reason why I joined the Villagepreneur program.As a Villagepreneur, I will be assisting mothers like me to find quality products and useful information for their growing families. I also believe that developing healthy habits starts with choosing delicious, healthy foods and that is why you will find me selling organic chicken in my free time. .

My name is Catherine Bahati. I am a mom of two. I joined Villagepreneur program so that I can interact more with other mums on a business platform. I would also love to help other mums in accessing quality and affordable products online at the comfort of their homes. I love making new friends.

I am a business woman, a childcare professional and a mom to a wonderful little girl. I love helping people live their best lives. I joined the Villageprenuer program because it affords me the opportunity to reach out to mom’s with genuine baby products to give their children a great start in life. I enjoy meeting people and forming new friendships.

My name Is Lily Itenya, a mother, and I understand how it takes time for a mom to decide to go for shopping and also find time to know a product that suits their baby.The reason I joined the Villageprenuer program , is the opportunity to help mothers find products they need easily and also get their feedback about the product in a channel they use daily.

I am Edna Kirumba, a mum of 3 ( 2yrs, 5yrs and 7yrs). I am here to make extra coins as I multiply and fill my world……clearly I need extra coins considering I have been using diapers and arimis for the last 7yrs. Am also a fitness coach (aerobics trainer), bananas about healthy living and I love farming too.Looking forward to interact with you as we make motherhood easy and fun.

Lover of spices and chillies, sharing my love for these amazing products through my brand of hot and sweet sauces and masala blends. As a mother of two boys both under seven I completely understand how challenging it might be to get just the right products and advice best suited for our families. That’s why I am here, to share my tips, ideas and input from a practical point of view.

I’m a supply Chain coordinator whose passionate about customer service and love the comfort of online shopping.I’m also a Mum of 4 .While away from my busy shedule of coordinating Materials to restock M-KOPA warehouses I love making the lives of other people easy by working online and earning extra cash from it.

I’m a vibrant young mum,who loves to work from home as I enjoy parenthood. As an online marketer, am excited to join the villagepreneur program so that I can help other mums shop at the comfort of their homes or office. I am also an online writer and a social media manager who helps businesses reach targets by building an audience and get more paying clients online.

I am Milka an expectant mom and mother of one girl. A public health worker by profession and an upcoming entrepreneur.
I love being productive and helping, the more reason I joined the Villageprenuer program.
I am here to celebrate motherhood as I help mums shop ad have an easy time picking products that meet their needs.