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Train Wooden Puzzles

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The Train Wooden Puzzles employs colour, numbers, objects and play into a game that’s designed to keep your child captivated, learning, and entertained. It is suitable for young children still learning to count, and relying on pictures and objects to identify numbers.


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Although most parents cherish their time with their children, they also need to get some work done. Train wooden puzzles enable you to work and keep the child entertained.

Features and Benefits:

  • Bright colours that capture the child and stimulate brain development.
  • Marked with different colours, shapes and objects which makes it clear and easy for children.
  • Light and harmless to children.
  • Trains have numbers with associated amounts on them.
  • Teaches kids basic counting and quantifying skills
  • Perfect for daycares, playgroups, Montessori kids, and classrooms.


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