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Tinga Tinga Tales: Why Leopard Has Spots

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Why Leopard Has Spots is inspired by traditional animal stories from Africa and The Tingatinga artwork of Tanzania. You see there was a time when Leopard didn’t have spots. Her coat was plain as plain can be, and she was very shy… So what happened when Leopard helped Puff Adder, and in return he sang her a Tinga Tinga lullaby?


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Why Leopard Has Spots is an easy to read illustrated story book  with wonderful teachings on grammar and the power of dreaming as well as very entertaining!

Features And Benefits:

  • Colourful illustrations that evoke a child’s imagination.
  • Highlighted words to enable the child to follow the story line, learn grammar and descriptions.
  • Large fonts on important key words, new words and new phrases.
  • Captivating imagery  and large visible words.
  • Equipped with Swahili to English translations.
  • Watch the lovely creation story of Tinga Tinga below:

Reading Tip: Read with your child and ask them to draw key lessons learned from this book! More over, let them write all the new words and phrases they find, and you can help find the meaning and create new sentences. Story books are a great way to keep children active and imaginative.