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Tinga Tinga Tales Volume 2: Why Lion Roars and 6 Other Tales is inspired by traditional animal stories from from Africa and the Tingatinga artwork of Tanzania. You see there was a time when lion had lost his roar. Crocodile was bullying all the animals in the waterhole and they wanted Lion to put a stop to it. So Lion opened his big mouth but…nothing came out! What was Lion to do? He was King of Tinga Tinga after all. Lion’s best friend little Flea told the King that He must enter the Great Cave of Tinga Tinga and confront his greatest fear. But did lion find his roar? Find out in this DVD along with 6 other Tinga Tinga Tales.

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Why Lion Roars and 6 Other Tales runs for an hour and 30 minutes and comes with 6 bonus tales!

More Tinga Tinga Tales included are;

  • Why Caterpillar is Never in a Hurry.
  • Why Zebra Has Stripes.
  • Why Flamingo Stands on One Leg.
  • Why Woodpecker pecks.
  • Why Ostrich Sticks Her Neck in The Ground.
  • Why Camel has a hump.
  • Watch the lovely creation story of Tinga Tinga below:
Claudia Lloyd and the origins of Tinga Tinga Tales

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