Why Elephant Has a Trunk  is inspired by traditional animal stories from from Africa and the Tingatinga artwork of Tanzania. You see there was a time when Elephant had no nose. He couldn’t swat away the flies or scrub his belly…he couldn’t even blow his nose and was very smelly!

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Story time doesn’t have to wait for when grandma visits. With these Tinga Tinga Tales turned DVDs, your child can now listen to entertaining and educative narrations of African stories. Volume 1 comes with with Why Elephant Has A Trunk and 6 other added tales!

Features and Benefits.

More Tinga Tinga Tales in this volume include:

  • Why snake has no legs.
  • Why hippo has no hair.
  • Why tortoise has a broken shell.
  • Why hen pecks the ground.
  • Why bat hangs upside down.
  • Why warthog is so Ugly.
  • Watch the lovely creation story of Tinga Tinga below:
Claudia Lloyd and the origins of Tinga Tinga Tales

So many tales to keep your child active, engaged, entertained and learning!

Watching Tip: Encourage your child to give you a synopsis of each tale and gauge his/her attention skills. Furthermore, here are 6 additional educative shows for your toddler.

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