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A Tasty Maandazi by Kwame Nyong’o

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A Tasty Maandazi is a delightful day-in-the-life story of a creative Kenyan boy, Musa and his quest to get his favourite treat- a maandazi. Musa’s undying love for maandazi sends him to Mama Milka’s shop early in the morning, where he always gets free mandaazis. His parents can’t buy him some  nor can he afford to buy. Find out what Musa does to afford his favourite treat!


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If maandazis are a treat in your house, then this book is a must buy. Not only does it teach your little ones how to work hard in life, but it comes with a complementary recipe to try!

Features and Benefits:

  • Complementary maandazi recipe .
  • Engaging illustrations to help the reader.
  • Celebrates local Kenyan culture and cuisine.
  • Swahili to English dictionary to help the reader and a recipe as well.
  • Complementary Kenyan map that shows where the story is set.
  • Teaches children to take initiative and pursue what they want.

Cooking Tip: This spicy Mahamri Recipe is a must try!