The Superfoam Bed Bumper is a soft cushioning for your baby. It prevents bumping against the hard crib surfaces and rolling between the crib slats.


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The Superfoam Bed Bumper is a pad made to prevent your baby from accidentally rolling into the sides of the baby cot.

It is soft, fluffy, very durable and is available in a range of colours.


What it contains:

  • The bed bumper provides a soft cushion surrounding the baby against the hard wooden sides of a crib.
  • It prevents injury from a baby’s head hitting the sides of a crib.
  • It also prevents the baby’s hands and legs from getting stuck in the bed slats.
  • This lightweight baby bumper is packaged in a reusable bag. This makes it perfect as a  gift to a new mum.
  • The bumper is versatile and fits perfectly in all baby crib shapes. This means that you can use it with circular or regular crib rails.


Please note:  Items made on an order basis hence delivery takes 3-4 days.