Tinga Tinga Tales Small Plate Monkey is inspired by traditional animal stories from from Africa and the Tingatinga artwork of Tanzania.  Covered with a monkey illustration and bright sky and navy blue colours, this tableware is a great purchase for your little one.

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Tinga Tinga Tales Small Plate Monkey is designed for mums who have just started weaning and are looking for creative ways to get their little ones to feed.  It’s a sizeable plate which is great in case the baby wants to self feed.

Features  and Benefits:

  • Made up of Melamine.
  • Light and more durable which is perfect for kids.
  • 100% dishwasher safe.
  • Tolerant to hot and cold uses.
  • Colourful with a Tinga Tinga monkey  illustration.
  • Watch the lovely creation story of Tinga Tinga
Claudia Lloyd and the origins of Tinga Tinga Tales

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