If you need to protect your clothing and your sanity while lying down, these Phillips Avent Disposable Nursing Pads-Night are the solution. All you do is stick these absorbent pads into your bra or nursing bra and they’ll take care of any milk that leaks from your breasts overnight.

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Phillips Avent Disposable Nursing Pads – Night are suitable for breastfeeding mums who have a high milk supply especially at night. A good nursing pad shouldn’t make you feel like your nipples are rubbing up against sandpaper all night.

Benefits and Features:

  • Double adhesive strips help to keep Phillips Avent disposable nursing pads in place overnight
  • Invisible: Easily slip into a nursing bra or regular bra and are discreet under clothes
  • Portable: They are individually wrapped making it easy to carry it with you in your handbag throughout the day/night.
  • Comfortable to keep moisture away while being gentle on the skin
  • They’re broader and thicker compared to regular nursing pads, which makes them even more absorbent.

Mum Tip: You’ll know it’s time to remove a pad when it’s no longer keeping you dry. Remember, moisture against your breast can increase your chances for infections like thrush.

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