Parenting With Your Heart In Mind Book invites you to take a broader view of parenting – a view that steps back to ask… what do I really want for my children?

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Most parents will agree with me that what we want is – for them to be happier, fulfilled, fruitful (as opposed to successful), have meaningful relationships, develop emotional and relational skills, live healthy lives – both physically and emotionally, grow up to be responsible and resilient and develop leadership skills. The main channel for these connections is a parent who is healthy, wholesome, purposeful, and confident. This Parenting With Your Heart In Mind Book is a guide into developing you from the inside out, into that confident, wholesome, and purposeful parent – by focusing primarily on you.

Features and Benefits

  • Guides you through the process of discovering very key barriers to developing those connections that lead to a healthy relationship with your children.
  • Helps you see that in order for change to happen, it must happen from within. I guide you through a process of self-discovery into what the author calls – the state of your heart.
  • Helps you address the fears, concerns, anxieties, mistaken beliefs you may have as you are relating with your children.
  • Gives you tools that help you recognize when you have gone too far… and what to do about it. the exercises are simple, relatable, and transformational.
  • Helps you clear the noise in your head that gets in the way of confident parenting… and provide a nurturing and safe environment for your children to thrive.

Once you are clearer about what holds you back and how to overcome these barriers, the book concludes by showing you how to be a parent who is calm and responsive; from a parent who was previously reactive. To be a farmer parent and not a carpenter parent.


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