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Wake up and smell the fresh-brewed coffee of natural Mums Company Coffee Face and Body Scrub. Ground coffee lets you scrub up from head to toe, leaving you with a gentle scent.

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Make your skin tone even and reduce the appearance of cellulite with the Natural Mums Company Coffee Face and Body Scrub.

Product Features

  • Coconut Oil (cue dreamy beach), Sweet Almond oil, Grapeseed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, Coffee Powder (from our kenya’s finest freshly ground beans), Vitamin E.

Product benefits

Caffeine (not only delicious in your mouth!) found in coffee scrubs improves blood circulation, may reduce the appearance of cellulite, and gives the skin a more even tone look. When a coffee body scrub is applied, the skin absorbs the antioxidant properties to prevent premature aging.

Application: Scoop a finger amount on various patches of your skin and massage through for a few minutes, let it sit for approx. 10 mins (even if it’s on the face) and let the oils seep into a cleansed patch of skin. Rinse thoroughly, and moisturize with our Hydrating night facial creme for the perfect finish to your Sunday routine .

Size: 100gms.

Gift wrapping option available.

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