This pack of Medela’s ultra-absorbent disposable nursing pads (60 piece) keep you dry, comfortable and confident, both day and night.

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Women who’ve had problems with shifting nursing pads in the past may appreciate how well the Medela disposable nursing pads stay in place.

What’s inside: 60 disposable nursing pads

Benefits and Features:

  • Secure: The double adhesive tape to make sure you aren’t looking for your nursing pad in your bra
  • Discreet under a maternity bra (nursing bra)
  • Super absorbent material helps maintain dryness, keeping mums comfortable and confident they won’t be spotting a leak in public
  • Individually wrapped to keep them clean in your purse. Carry as many as you need throughout the day or evening in your purse, backpack, or breast pump and accessories bag.
  • Contoured fit for women with bigger breasts.

Tip: If you are using a nursing pad add a thin dab of nipple cream beforehand.

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