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Match It All About Me Puzzle Set

The Match It All About Me Puzzle Set combines colour, pictures of their body parts and their names to create a puzzle that’s not only entertaining to young kids but also educative. It contains 30 self-correcting puzzle sets that guide the child while playing.

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Teach your child their body parts, and play with them with this all about me puzzle set.

Features and Benefits:

  • Bright colours that capture the child and stimulate brain development.
  • 30 self-correcting puzzle sets.
  • Pictures puzzles that connect to their names.
  • Light and harmless to children.
  • Teaches kids various transport machines and their parts.
  • Has educational benefits such as emotional and personal development as well as cause-effect and problem-solving.
  • Perfect for daycares, playgroups, Montessori kids, and classrooms.


  • Keep the package away to avoid danger.
  • Package must be dismantled by an adult.
  • Play under supervision is recommended.
  • To avoid the dangers of swallowing and choking hazards; please keep the puzzle pieces away from children.
  • Keep the packaging as it contains important information.

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