For absorbing all your baby’s messes with 6 layers of cotton designed to dry quickly after washing.




Features and Benefits

  • The absorber is made from 4 layers of 100% East African cotton milled in Nairobi and 2 layers of quick-drying fabric.
  • Six (6) layers of fabric: Two (2) thin layers of cotton for absorbing moisture quickly with one (1) layer of quick-drying fabric sandwiched between, and two (2) thick layers of cotton with one (1) layer of quick-drying fabric sandwiched between.
  • The quick-drying fabric is used because it is extra absorbent and dries quickly. It is placed between the cotton so only natural cotton fibres touch the baby’s skin.
  • Snaps into our PUL cover
  • Features gussets and elastic around the legs to prevent leaks.
  • Layers are separated in the middle so they will dry faster.

*Prior to using soak in hot water with vinegar for 24 hours to set the colour. Wash with soap in hot water to pre-shrink the fabric.

For washing instructions visit How to Use.

How to Diaper Your Baby:

MamaToto recommends purchasing 20 absorbers and if your baby is an infant (2-6 months) you may need 4-6 more absorbers. Note you will need fewer covers than the absorbers because you can use them multiple times until they are soiled.