Changing diapers is messy. The Mama Toto fleece liners make it easier to change the diaper and flush the poo.




For catching poo and easily rinsing poo from fabric. Also, protects cotton from diaper cream.

Features and Benefits

  • Sold in a pack of 10
  • Placed on top of the absorber (if using booster on top of a booster).
  • The fleece liner catches the poo that you can then flush down the toilet easily (poo rinses easily from fleece).
  • Once poo is rinsed place the fleece liner with dirty diapers.
  • Also, diaper cream should not touch the cotton fabric since it blocks absorbency, and the fleece liner is the best solution for when you need to use diaper cream.
  • Measures 26 cm high x 10 cm wide.
Here’s a helpful video on How to Rinse Poo.

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