Swap baby wipes for the MamaToto – Cloth Wipes and clean messes in one go.


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For wiping baby when messy.

Features and Benefits

  • Sold in pack of 10
  • Two layers of cotton – 1 layer of smooth for pee and 1 layer of rough for poo
  • Made from 100% East African Cotton milled in Nairobi
  • Measures 16 x 16 cm.
  • Cloth wipes can also replace paper towels throughout the home, saving wipes and paper towels from the landfill.

*Prior to using soak in hot water with vinegar for 24 hours to set the color. Wash with soap in hot water to pre-shrink the fabric.

The easiest way to use a cloth wipe is to wet it with water, wipe baby, rinse off large poo pieces, and place it in a laundry bag with soiled diapers.

You can also make a solution with oils and water and store the wipes in the solution before use or store the solution in a bottle and spray wipes just before using them. We recommend using a solution for 2-3 days.

For washing instructions visit How to Use.

Here’s a helpful video on How to Rinse Poo.