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A bundle that supports Kenyan authors while it teaches our little ones the pride of Kenya, with both Swahili and English words and the amazing pictures that showcase our culture and landscapes, this is the perfect gift for a curious little mind.

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1 × Tinga Tinga Tales: Why Leopard Has Spots

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The local author bundle contains:

  1. I love Ugali and Sukumawiki – a story of our awesome foods and culture in Kenya by the wonderful Kwame Nyong’o.
  2. Tinga Tinga Why The Leopard Has Spots – a wonderful story of our animals in the Sahara capturing a readers mind with its colorful pictures.
  3. Meka Goes on Safari- a captivating tale on the places that make Kenya a must place visit in the world. This showcases different places in Kenya teaching a curious mind of our diverse locations and cultures.

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Kenyan classics in the making

Tinga tinga is already a classic story book brand in Kenya and the Tasty Mandazi and Meka adventures will soon be as well. Mark my words on that! My kids love all of them and never tire of hearing them at bedtime.