The Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump is small enough to pop in your changing bag making it ideal when you’re on the go, for occasional expressing or easing engorgement.

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The Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump offers a convenient and efficient pumping solution especially for mums with large size nipples, reducing pain and allowing for more expression of breast milk..

What’s in the box: The pump comes with a stand, spare valve, two 150ml storage bottles and samples of milk storage bags.

Benefits and Features

  • Compact, lightweight and doesn’t require electric power.
  • Uses innovative two-phase technology to conveniently and comfortably express breast milk
  • Adjustable handle which mimics natural breastfeeding by switching easily between stimulation and expression phases.
  • Few parts so it’s simple to put together and easy to clean.
  • The ergonomic easy-express handle allows for comfortable positioning can even be used one-handed when the other needs a rest!
  • Comfort Fit breast cushion, ensures ideal suction and pumping comfort.


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