Struggling to keep up with your baby’s milk needs? Buy the Pipe’s Dream lactation cookies and increase your milk supply.

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Lactation cookies are known to be unsavoury because of the strong ingredients used and often throw a lot of people off. The Pipe Dream has made their cookies delicious to eat just like you would your typical chocolate chip cookies.

What it contains (Ingredients): Wheat, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Brewers Yeast, Oats, Sugar, Salt, Chia seeds, Fennel seeds, and Vanilla. It contains 10 cookies per pack. 

Instructions: Take two to three cookies an hour or two before and hydrate before beginning to breastfeed. The cookies should always be stored in a zip-locked bag and in a cool dry place for up to 7 days.

Please note: Next day delivery for orders placed for these lactation cookies to ensure you receive a fresh batch.


About The Pipe Dream:

The Pipe Dream is a small bakery that was founded during the toughest periods of 2020. As the world was going through trials and people dealing with different kinds of losses, they thought the best possible way to share joy and love would be by baking for people.

They specialize in home-baked goods that are made out of pure love based on their passion for baking. Their banana bread is a healthy and delicious treat that can be made sugar-free for those who do not consume sugar and sometimes with a sprinkle of chocolate for lovers of chocolate.

When The Pipe Dream started, the bakery’s aim was to ensure that they baked the best goods, used the best and original ingredients to ensure a very high standard was maintained throughout. They introduced their now famous lactation cookies and had the opportunity to iterate and experiment with a small group of lactating mothers until they got the best results.

Some of the sentiments they have received so far include customers saying that “I had two cookies and within 2 hours my milk already increased” and “Your lactation cookies made my milk production go up almost immediately”, a testament to the fact that these cookies actually work for the majority of mothers.

We however cannot always guarantee 100% results as some mothers might have underlying medical conditions that require a doctor’s opinion.

They also make artisanal cinnamon rolls that have got people talking about how good and addictive they are and for the people who enjoy this traditional Swedish treat, The Pipe Dream has the formula for your perfect cinnamon rolls.

They specialize in a range of amazing cookies starting from the gooey and chunky levain chocolate chip cookies to the chewy normal chocolate chip cookies. We also have the vegan Oat n Coconut cookies that combine the perfect mix of oats, coconut, and sugars to deliver the most delicious cookies you will have. Other cookies on our menu, include the Oat and raisin and the famous milk booster or lactation cookies.

They operate online with a 24-hour turn-around policy, therefore, most orders will be delivered the following day. Their deliveries cover the entire country and they ensure the goods are packed well enough to protect them from damage or harsh elements that will make them go bad. Their packaging is also environmentally friendly, as they are conscious of the impact of waste on the environment.


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Esther Nderitu
Very good

Very good cookies and they totally work wonders,, my milk supply has increased since i started using them.