The Kijani Baby Diaper Starter Set – Blue comes with baby diapers, soakers and moisturizing body cream, diaper liners and an overnight double to ensure that you are not lacking in diapers as a mum.

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If you are expecting a newborn soon or you have already had one, consider the Kijani Baby diaper set. This six in one comes with the must-haves when it comes to diapering.

Features and Benefits

  • Comes with a complimentary moisturizing body cream for mums.
  • It’s 6 in one and considers the baby’s diaper needs.
  • Environmentally friendly diaper liners made with 100% bamboo.
  • The deluxe cover has a blue cover and toy graphics that your baby will love.
  • The Kijani diaper is made of cotton which is soft on the baby’s skin.
  • The deluxe cover and soaker is soft and buttery on the baby’s skin.

The Kijani Diaper Blue Starter Set comes with:

  • A 100% Kijani bamboo disposable diaper liners, 50 liners per roll. Disposable liners are laid on top of the soaker. For wet diapers, liners can be used and rinsed again. For dirty diapers, simply throw out the liner with solid waste. This leaves the soaker cleaner, making washing easier.
  • Kijani washable diaper and Deluxe cover and soaker.
  • Two Kijani Washable diapers – Extra standard soaker.
  • Kijani Washable Diapers – Standard cover and soaker.
  • Kijani moisturizing body Body Cream, Lavender and Vanilla: It’s made of shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil, beeswax, Vitamin E, lavender oil and vanilla oil.
  • Kijani Overnight Doubler: Doublers can be used with soakers to provide extra absorbency for overnight use.


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