The healthcare baby vanity kit is simply the ideal present for expecting mums or first-time parents. As it’s gender-neutral, it will suit both baby boys and girls. Great for baby shower gifts, birthday and Christmas presents.

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Taking care of your baby’s personal health and grooming is essential, and the Healthcare Baby Vanity Kit makes it easy for every parent. Designed with baby’s safety in mind.

The Set contains 9 baby healthcare essentials inside:

  • One convenient travel case

  • Digital thermometer with a protective case

  • 10 x Digital thermometer covers

  • Baby scissors

  • 10 x Emery board

  • Tweezers

  • Steady grip nail clippers

  • Clear tip nasal aspirator

  • Easy fill medicine spoon

  • Easy fill medicine syringe

**Available in green

Gift wrapping option available.

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