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Dr. Brown’s Wide Neck Bottle -150ml

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The Dr Brown’s Natural Flow baby bottles features a system with an internal green vent designed to create a “vacuum free” environment. This internal vent system eliminates the vacuum and air bubbles found in most baby bottles. It allows air to enter through the teat collar, without being incorporated into the breast milk or formula.

The air is then channelled through the internal vent system, to the area behind the feed. Babies are able to feed more comfortably because the vent allows babies to feed without fighting the negative effects of a vacuum or the discomfort of ingesting air bubbles. This reduces colic, burping and wind. 78% of Healthcare Professionals agree that the most common cause of colic in young babies is caused by digestive or feeding problems, including swallowing air*.

The breast milk or formula flows freely through the teat as the air is channeled to the top of the bottle. This no-vacuum effect eliminates teat collapse. Over half of those changing to a Dr Brown’s Natural Flow baby bottle saw an improvement in 3 feeds or less, outperforming any other brand*. This is what makes 9 out of 10 Healthcare Professionals recommend Dr Brown’s Natural Flow for Colic Relief*.


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Features and Benefits

  • Helps reduce symptoms of colic
  • Proven to help maintain bottle milk vitamins: C, A and E which are critical for health in infancy.
  • Vacuum-free feeding helps digestion – Good digestion is essential for babies, particularly newborns.
  • Fully-vented bottle design – closes to bottle feeding.
  • Internal Vent System and silicone teat work together – Controlled Flow so babies feed at their own pace.

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