Give your toddler twice the creative fun with the My First Crayola Double Doodle Board. One side has a sealed gel surface for mess-free doodling and tactile play. The other side has a reusable drawing surface for creating with the included washable crayons. The Tripod Grip Crayons help to promote the proper grip for writing. Simply wipe the surface to doodle again and again! Crayons completely wash from hands, clothing and walls.

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The crayola doodle board caters to all children. They can scribble, doodle or draw.

Features and Benefits

  • Sealed Gel Surface.
  • Crayon holder.
  • Wipes off the surface.
  • Mess-free creativity – Doodling fun without ink, paint or paper.
  • Tripod grip crayons – Triangular shape promotes a proper writing grip.
  • Suitable for every stage of your child’s creative development, exploration and expression.

Scribble Stage

  • Palm grasp.
  • Random scribbles and dots.
  • Ready to start exploring creative activities.

Doodle Stage

  • Tri-pod grip.
  • Intentional creations.
  • Art is beginning to take shape.

Draw Stage

  • Traditional hold.
  • Recognizable pictures.
  • Preschool preparation.

How To Get Started With The Sealed Gel Surface

To get the most out of this mess-free surface, you need to occasionally ‘mix the enclosed gel to keep it smooth and pliable. Now onto mixing the gel: before your first use, and as needed simply rub your hands across the surface until all of the gel is mixed and smooth. Now it’s ready for your toddler to explore and enjoy.

For best results:My first washable crayons was from most walls, non-porous household surfaces, and most washable clothing. Wash crayon marks from walls as soon as possible. Use soap, warm water and a sponge to remove marks from walls. If crayon marks remain after washing, use a non-abrasive cleanser. Wash clothing in warm or hot water. Wash clothing in warm or hot water. Wipe crayons from whiteboard surface using a soft cloth.

For deep marks, use water. Melted crayons may cause permanent heat set stains.

MumsVillage Resource: Artistic Schools For Your Artistic Child.


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