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Chicco Oliver Baby Chef Rattle Toy

The easy to grip Chicco Oliver Baby Chef Rattle Toy  is easy to grip and your little one can play at being a pastry chef while learning manual and coordination skills.

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Now your mini you can indulge you in the kitchen with the Chef rattle toy.

Features and Benefits

  • Suitable for babies ages 6 to 36 months.
  • Comes with lights and sounds.
  • Play at being a pastry chef.
  • Bright coloured and comes with a baby rattle to attract and keep the baby’s attention.
  • Easy to grip:
  • Sliding rings: Turn the handle of the whisk to activate lights and sounds to shake the coloured balls.
  • Manual coordination skills: The child develops the perceptive activity through manipulation. By refining hand-eye coordination, they acquire a sense of space.

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