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Now you can stay up to date with your baby’s health and monitor any fever with the Chicco Digital Thermometer. It comes with a leaflet full of instructions on how to use, store, and disinfect.

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The Chicco digital thermometer allows you to stay on top of your baby’s health and take necessary actions.


Directions For Use

Press the off/on the button to turn the thermometer on.

The messages below will appear to display in the order in which they are listed: “The last measurement is taken” (ex 36.0 (self-test temperature) with °C flashing to indicate the start of the measurement (the thermometer will begin measuring the temperature as soon as it is exposed to the body’s heat.

Position the thermometer.

Armpit use (60 sec). Place the tip of the probe in the armpit and press against the body.

Oral use (60 sec).Place the tip of the probe under the tongue and close the mouth.

Rectal use (60 sec). Insert the tip of the probe a few millimetres into the rectum. Stop immediately if any resistance is encountered during this operation. In order to measure the infants’ temperature rectally, lay the infant on their side against a hard surface and bend their legs towards their chest, holding them still so that they cannot turn over during the measurement. Remember that the body’s internal temperature’s always slightly higher than it’s the external temperature (by about 0.5 °C).

An acoustic signal indicates when the temperature has been completed. Fever Alarm:  An alarm will sound if the temperature is greater or equal to 37.8 °C ( greater or equal to 100 °F)


More directions: cleaning, disinfection and replacing the batteries; be sure to read and keep the leaflet inside.


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