Wipes are an essential accompaniment to diapers, pants and baby feeding equipment. They offer a great solution in wiping baby bums, baby messes, clearing makeup for mums and as a post-workout refresher for dads.

To use them after a workout session, store them in the fridge before going to the gym and use them later. The MumsVillageShop carries a wide range such as water wipes for babies, Hanan, Johnson’s and Johnson’s Baby, Huggies Baby and Pampers Baby Fresh Wipes.

This range goes to ensure that all our customer or Villagers are satisfied and can have their favourite brand.

Mums can use either the Pampers Baby Fresh, Huggies or Johnsons and Johnsons to wipe their baby’s messes.

If your baby is highly sensitive, the water wipes offer a great alternative to water and cotton and are suitable for newborns and premature babies. This is because they’re made up of 99.9% water.

All the wipes are alcohol and paraben and are designed to gently and effectively clean the baby’s little bums, feet and hands.

Buy them today and wipe that mess.