Trying to instil the reading habit in your little one? The MumsVillageShop offers a range of options when it comes to children books.


Our colouring, numbers and spelling selection helps the children familiarise themselves with numerals. Alphabets, writing and spelling. The activity selection teaches children about themselves and their surroundings.


For older children, our Tinga Tinga series has a range of stories from Africa that impart various lessons while providing entertainment. We also offer storybooks for STEM lovers like The Martians and the adventures of Sasha.


If you’re looking for books from local authors, books by Kwame Nyong’o tell of riveting stories relatable to a Kenyan and an East African reader. We include the preferred ages for toys and books in Kenya and offer gift wrapping options at a small fee. To shop our selection, just choose, add to cart and we’ll deliver countrywide at a place of your convenience.