Toys & Books

What better way to get your kids off the screen than with toys and books! On the MumsVillageShop, we have specially curated toys and books to engage your kids in reading, outdoor play, building and started in STEM. This selection of toys and books in Kenya features local authors, local books and an array of puzzles!


Our toys selection offers toys that promote hands-on play, challenge your child’s thinking muscles and keep them entertained. We have diverse puzzles that are educational and entertaining and can be included as part of a child’s daily activities or family puzzle nights.


Our books selection offers knowledge into STEM, entertainment through the stories and education from the lessons they impart. We have a variety of book options for beginner readers like alphabet and animal activity books, intermediary readers like spelling and writing activity books and seasoned readers like Tinga Tinga Tales and The Martians.


We include the preferred ages for toys and books in Kenya and offer gift wrapping options at a small fee. To shop our selection, just choose, add to cart and we’ll deliver countrywide at a place of your convenience.