Safety & Hygiene

Mama said better safe than sorry!! Here are some must-have products to keep your environment clean, protect your baby and help keep him healthy.

Skincare products – We stock a variety of oils, soaps and lotions for all types of baby skin while also taking care of mama’s skin with our range of  cleansers, creams, masks, and moisturizers for a healthy skincare routine

Haircare products – Discover a great selection of the latest hair products for men, women and babies.

Sanitary care – It’s no longer just pads and tampons available for your period. We’re here to take you through the different types of sanitary products

Baby health kit – discover our baby grooming kits designed with tools to take proper care of your baby from birth.

Cleaning and laundry – stocking healthier cleaning products for your home and your family’s hygiene.

Explore our selection of safety and hygiene products for a happy parenting environment.